Doctrines & Bylaws

Welcome to White Stone Christian Fellowship

White Stone Christian Fellowship exists to proclaim the good news that Jesus Christ is the answer for life and sin forever.  Our hope is that White Stone Christian Fellowship will draw all people closer to our Lord Jesus Christ in salvation and knowing His plan for their lives.

Summary of Beliefs

Jesus Christ is God of very God.

The Bible is true in ALL that it teaches.

Salvation, eternal life, deliverance from sin & destruction are through:

Faith alone, Grace alone, through Jesus Christ alone.

All who agree to obey the Bible, living in accordance with its teachings, may serve/participate in ministry at White Stone Christian Fellowship.

Fuller Explanation

1. The Bible is the only inspired and infallible word of God and constitutes the complete and final revelation. The Bible, in its  original autographs, is without error in whole or in part, including theological concepts as well as geographical, historical and scientific details.

2. One God has existed from all eternity in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ was God come in human flesh, being fully God and fully man, yet without sin.

3. All men are in violation of God’s righteous requirements and His holy character, both by nature and by act, and are therefore under His wrath and just condemnation. The central purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ was to pay the penalty for man’s sin through His substitutionary death on the cross; the successful accomplishment of which was attested to by His subsequent visible, bodily resurrection.

Salvation is offered as a free gift to the sinner. This gift must be responded to individually, by faith, believing in God’s Word and not trusting in any personal good works, but trusting only in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ which pays for sin.

 Our Hope in Jesus Christ

There are some who may not know Jesus Christ personally. The following is a very basic description of the message of the Bible and what hope in Jesus Christ is all about. Please take time to learn about our hope, Jesus Christ.

All are sinners

No matter how good or moral anyone may be, God’s Word says that we fall short of God’s standards & requirements. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23. We have ALL thought and done wrong things.

All are under the penalty for sin

The final penalty of God for our sin is death, which is permanent separation from God and all that is good. For the wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23. Christ died to pay the penalty for sin. God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die in your place. As your substitute, He took your penalty on Himself. But God demonstrates His love toward us that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

 Salvation (being forgiven) is offered free

Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins and crimes, and purchased our salvation with His blood on the cross, He offers this salvation as a free gift. A gift is not earned, and it is not yours until you accept it. The gift of God is eternal life. Romans 6:23. Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy, He saved us. Titus 3:5

Salvation (Jesus Christ) must be accepted

That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9. If you are willing to put your trust in Jesus Christ alone, and to ask Him to enter your life and save you from sin, eternal life in the presence of God will be yours.

Pray to Receive Jesus Christ

A prayer that you might pray is as follows;

Lord, forgive me and be merciful to me. I am a sinner. Forgive my sins and save my soul, because of Jesus Christ and His death in my place.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ, the following steps will help you grow in your new life:

1. Let us know.  We would like to rejoice with you and offer help.

2. Publicly confess your faith in Jesus Christ here at White Stone Christian Fellowship or another Bible believing Church.

3. Be baptized and join us at White Stone or at another Bible believing church. We have a discipleship program to help you grow as a Christian.

4. Pray to God and read the Bible which is God’s Word. If you do not have a Bible we would be glad to give you one free of charge. Begin reading with the Gospel of John and then 1 John.


By-Laws of

White Stone Christian Fellowship
427 14th Ave. N., Payette, ID 83661



Section 1 – The Leadership Body

The leadership body shall be made up of the Pastors and Elders who shall meet together as is necessary to execute the responsibilities of the leadership body or for the purpose of disseminating information between the leaders. Meetings shall be called by the Elder Board.  The leadership body shall have the power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease or transfer real property.  The leadership body shall have the right to engage or dismiss a paid employee of the church.  The office of Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor(s) are not considered to be a “Paid Employee”.  The leadership body shall recommend the salary and raises of the Pastors.  The leadership body has the power to call church meetings following the proper protocol found in these by-laws.  The leadership body shall appoint two (2) men every five years to be the official representatives of the Church and will designate such as “trustees”.

A – The Senior Pastor
The Senior Pastor shall give himself primarily to the ministry of preaching, teaching, and care for the spiritual needs of the congregation. He shall be responsible for the training and discipleship of those who attend White Stone Christian Fellowship. He shall be available for counseling and calling, which would include individual and family counseling and pastoral care to families. It shall be the privilege of the Senior Pastor to review all commissions and subordinating organizations as to their proper function in the local body of Christ. He shall be an ex-officio member of all commissions and may call any body or any commission together at any time. He shall be a member of the elder body. He, in agreement with the leadership body, may call the church together for special business.

 B – Associate Pastors

Associate Pastors must be particularly gifted and called to the ministry of preaching and teaching.   In the absence or incapacity of the Senior Pastor for defined periods of time (such as sabbatical or illness), the Associate Pastor(s) shall assume the responsibility for his duties under the oversight of the Elders.

C – Lay Pastors
Lay pastors must be gifted and called to the ministry of preaching and teaching.  Lay pastors fulfill a specific need or role in a part-time volunteer position. Lay Pastors shall be under the oversight of the Elders.

D – Elders
Elders are considered to be member of the church and will have their names posted for two months in conspicuous locations around the Church for others to view and comment. They should demonstrate a Christian profession for at least 2-5 years, and have demonstrated a mature Christian life and proven character. Elders shall meet regularly to execute their duty of caring for the spiritual needs of the congregation in conjunction with the Pastors.  Such responsibilities shall include but are not limited to prayer, teaching, exhortation, visiting the sick, and conducting devotional services.  They shall be responsible for the worthiness of all candidates for church ministries to ensure they meet all requirements and recommend spiritual maturity of qualified candidates to the Church.  They shall regularly survey the church and its ministries and at any duly-called meeting or annual meeting if desired to submit recommendations to the church regarding necessary revisions.

E – Deacons

Deacons shall be considered members of the church, and be a professing Christian for at least two to three (2-3) years, and have demonstrated a mature Christian life and proven character. Deacons shall meet regularly to execute their duty of caring for the property of the church, minister to widows, visiting the sick, and administration of the benevolence fund  Deacons are to serve the church under the direction of the church leadership. They are authorized to spend up to the annual budgeted amount for routine maintenance under the supervision of the Board, but will retain the liberty to spend more than this in emergency repair and replacement of church property without consent of the Church.  All donated items become the property of the church and, as such, their use is governed by the deacons.

Section 2 – Other Officers

A – Worship Coordinator
He/she will be considered a member of the church, must be a professing Christian for at least two to three (2-3) years, and have demonstrated a mature Christian life and proven character.  The Worship Coordinator is to possess the necessary abilities to lead the worship of the church through music.  He/she will chair the worship commission and head up the worship team as well as coordinate any choirs, musicians, and performers that are involved during the times of musical worship.
B – Treasurer
The qualifications for Treasurer: He/she will be considered a member of the church, be a professing Christian for at least one (1) year, and have demonstrated a mature Christian life and proven character. He/she must have demonstrated ability in necessary skills. The Treasurer shall be considered as the Financial Secretary of all funds contributed and shall disburse the same as directed by the leadership body. He/she shall present a written report of itemized disbursements at the regular business meetings showing the actual financial condition of the church.

The Treasurer shall make the financial books available upon request to anyone that the Board decides may have reasonable need to view them.

C – Financial Recorders

The qualifications for Financial Recorders: He/she will be a member of the church, a professing Christian for at least one (1) year and have demonstrated a mature Christian life and proven character. He/she must have demonstrated ability in needed skills. It is the financial Recorder’s express duty to count all monies of the church after they have been counted and recorded on standard record slips. A record of the counting shall be kept by the Treasurer with copies given to those needing them, the church office, and Senior Pastor if requested. The Financial Recorder(s) will keep an accurate set of books which record the names and amounts of all known donations.

D – Clerk (or Board Secretary)

The qualifications for Clerk: He/she must be a member of the church, a professing Christian for at least one (1) year, and have demonstrated a mature Christian life and proven character. He/she must have demonstrated ability in secretarial skills. The Clerk shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Board and Church meetings and shall have charge of all documents, papers, and letters except as otherwise provided. The Clerk shall issue letters of dismissal and recommendation.

E – Chief Usher

The qualifications for Chief Usher: He is considered to be a member of the church, must be a professing Christian for at least one (1) year, and have demonstrated a mature Christian life and proven character. The Chief Usher shall be responsible for maintaining proper order in the sanctuary during worship. He shall see to the seating of the congregation at all regular meetings of worship, and he shall see that offerings are taken as directed by the  leadership body. He shall have the right to appoint any such assistants as needed, and he is directly responsible to the Elder Board.

F – Bible Fellowship Director

The qualifications for Bible Fellowship Director: He/she will be considered to be a member of the church, must be a professing Christian for at least three (3) year, and have demonstrated a mature Christian life and proven character. The Bible Fellowship Director shall approve all Bible Fellowship teachers, Directors of Vacation Bible School and Bible clubs, and all other advisors and leaders involved in teaching that are not under the direct supervision of a Pastor. The Bible Fellowship Director shall review all educational interests of the church to ensure doctrinal agreement with the church.  The Bible Fellowship Director shall promote study classes for the training of workers and appoint and create the organization for the Sunday Morning classes.

G – Building Superintendent

The qualification for Building Superintendent: He/she shall be considered to be a member in good standing, faithful to the life and ministry of White Stone Christian Fellowship. The Building Superintendent shall have demonstrated an ability in the general maintenance and oversight of facilities and equipment. He/she shall be selected by the board.

Section 3 – The Congregation

It is the responsibility of the congregation to examine closely who should or who should not be in positions of authority and leadership (Acts 6:1-6), to be discerning about what is taught (Acts 17:11), and to participate when reuested in decisions dealing with finances and other monumental importance (1 Cor. 16:3, 2 Cor. 8-19). Assemblies are to discipline their own members (Math. 18:15-17, 1 Cor. 5:1-5), commission their own missionaries (Acts 13:1-3), and provide accountability in ministry efforts (Acts 14:27). The congregation is to: submit to the elders in the area of spiritual leadership and church ministry (Heb. 13:7,17); submit to the Deacons in the areas of the physical sphere of ministry; submit to lay leaders, leading in the areas of their ministry strengths and giftedness (Eph 5:21).


Section 1 – Nominating Commission

The Nominating Commission shall be the Board of Elders and shall post the nomine being considered for appointed positions eight (8) weeks before the appointment or and annual meeting of the church which is called. All other persons nominated must be contacted and permission obtained and posted two to four weeks before any confirmation to the church. Nominations for Deacons/Elders must be approved by the Nominating Commission.

Section 2 – Pulpit Commission It shall be the responsibility of the Pulpit Commission to present candidates to the Board of Elders and the church to fill the office of Senior Pastor. Only one candidate may be presented at a time, and he must be commented upon before another candidate is considered. They shall present in writing to the church the name of one candidate at a time and only such as they are unanimously agreed upon as a desirable candidate.

Section 3 – Missions Commission The responsibilities of the Missions commission shall be to:

1.  Plan ahead and coordinate the yearly Missions Events in conjunction with the Leadership Body.

2.    Make recommendations to the church for all allocation of mission funds.

3.    Maintain communication with missionaries supported by the church.

Section 4 – Worship Commission The responsibilities of the Worship commission shall be to:

1.    Glorify God through the administration of music in the total music program of White Stone Christian Fellowship.

2.    Appoint the pianist, the organist, musical director and choir leader with the approval of the Leadership Body.

3.    Purchase music for any choir and the Church.

Section 5 – Finance Commission The responsibilities of the Finance commission shall be to:

1.    Prepare a yearly Church budget.

2.    Present the budget for adoption by the Board at any Annual or regular Meeting.

3.    Have charge of the Church’s financial affairs, always subject to the Board and to the regulations prescribed by the laws of the State of Idaho.

4.    Set sound financial policy and monitor adherence to it.

Section 6 – Auditing Commission The responsibilities of the Auditing commission shall be to:

1.    Audit the books of the Treasurer of the church at any time they are requested.

2.      Present a report to the Board and the church at the times requested.


Section 1 The Church shall have power of general oversight and control of all subordinate organizations.

Section 2 The head of each organization shall be responsible for their organization.

Section 3 The heads of these organizations shall be considered members of this Church in good standing.

Section 4 Any subordinate organization desiring the use of church property for any except their regular services shall arrange for same with the Property Deacon. Any member desiring to use the church property for any reason other than meeting of subordinate organizations shall secure permission from the Deacons and pay a fee for such use. Fee schedules for the use of any and all church properties shall be set by the Deacons, with separate schedules for those who are considered a part of White Stone Christian Fellowship and its ministries and those who are not. Gratuities for the custodian shall not be included in the fee schedules.

Section 5 Subordinate organizations shall disburse all their funds through the church Treasurer.


Section 1 The annual business meeting shall be held on a date to be selected by the leadership body and announced to the congregation at least one month prior to the date. Other business meetings may be called with proper notice by the leadership body during the year as business arises that requires the consent or advice of the church.  Proper notice for other business meetings requires two (2) weeks of notice (such as the weekly bulletin, from the pulpit, or by way of written notice). Special meetings involving the sale or purchase of property, the calling or dismissal of Pastors, the amending of our Constitution, shall require written notice at least one (1) week (7 days) prior to the meeting. Special meetings for matters determined serious enough by the leadership body may be called by written notice at least 3 days before the meeting.

Section 2 At all business meetings, a quorum shall consist of one-tenth (1/10) of the active church congregation; however, the leadership body may determine when a quorum shall consist of 51% when not otherwise stated in the By-Laws.


Section 1 It shall be the policy of this church that no individual or organization shall engage in any activity on or off Church properties, and in the name of the church, that:

1. Would in any way suggest the raising of funds that circumvents God’s plan of giving.

2. Would suggest to people giving to the activity that they are endearing themselves to God, and therefore, promoting works as a means of salvation.

3. Would allow for selling or trading for personal profit.

Section 2 Any fund-raising project must first be presented to the leadership body for approval of the means and cause of the fund-raising effort.

Article 7 – Concerning Church Discipline and Restoration (Biblical accountability to Godly behavior)

Section 1  – The Four Steps of Church Discipline:

1.    Admonition/Correction by a single individual. Matthew 18.

When the problem involves one believer sinning against another the goal must be reconciliation and restoration. The person who has been offended should first individually approach the offender seeking reconciliation and restoration.
(Matt 18:15, Matt 5:23-24)

When the sin of a believer is witnessed by another believer they are to lovingly admonish and correct with the purpose of restoration (and reconciliation if the sin was against the witness).  (Gal 6:1)

2.    Collective attempt of admonition/correction. If the individual attempt at reconciliation and/or restoration is unfruitful the first person to confront as well as one to two members of the Leadership Body are scripturally required to go to the sinning party. (Matt 18:16-17, I Tim 5:19, II Tim 4:2, I Thess 5:12-13, Tit 2:15, 3:10)

3.    Admonition/correction from the entire Church. If the collective attempt at reconciliation and/or restoration is unfruitful the sin is presented before the church for the call of repentance and reconciliation.  (II Thess 3:14-15, Matt 18:17, I Tim 5:20, I Cor 5:9-13)

Disassociation/disfellowship. If the sinning party refuses to heed the call of the church to repentance and reconciliation it is the responsibility of the church to remove the individual(s) from intimate fellowship and revoke their membership. (II Cor 2:6, I Cor 5:4, Matt 18:18-19, II Thess 3:14-15)

Church Elders engaged in any sin concerning the Church will be dealt with by the Elder Board. 1 Timothy 5

After disassociation/disfellowship the church shall notify other like-minded congregations concerning the action (and the reason if needed) for the discipline. (Rom 16:17, II Jn 1:9-11, I Cor 5:9-13, II Tim 3:1-5)

In cases where a sin involves a transgression that is against the whole body or if it is a threat to the unity of the Church the Leadership Body may move directly to admonition and correction from the Church.

Section 2 – Procedures for Restoration:

1.    For restoration to the Church body there must be genuine repentance which is evidenced by actions and attitudes. The repentant person(s) must:

a.    Freely acknowledge the sin.

b.   Cease the activity for which discipline was administered.

c.   Make restitution and/or ask for forgiveness from those hurt as applicable.

d.   Demonstrate a genuine change of heart and a real concern and godly sorrow over the actions, not in order to be forgiven, but because of the harm caused to the glory of God and the hurt caused to others.

e.    Demonstrates a yielding to the Spirit so that His fruit is manifested. (I Jn 1:9, Prov 28:13, Gal 6:1, Jam 5:19-20, Phil 18-19, Matt 5:23-24, II Cor 7:8-11, Ps 51:17, Gal 5:22)

2.    The role of the believer(s) is to show Christ’s love by reaching out to them, with support, encouragement, exhortations and challenges to spiritual maturity.  (II Cor 2:7-8, Lk 22:31-32, Heb 10:24)


The By-Laws may be amended by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board members present at any regular meeting where a quorum is present of two-thirds.


In conclusion, we state this church was organized as an autonomous CHURCH, and shall remain the same until Jesus comes.


In case this church ceases to function as a church, all real property, including all finances, shall be given to the a non-profit Christian organization, or a successor organization of White Stone Christian Fellowship qualifying as a non-profit corporation under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended.