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This Bible Commentary Library is to facilitate the study of Scripture. With this in mind, what is carried here will be very selective. There are many major links for the study of different kinds of theology on the internet, but a particular position is not our goal. Good Bible Commentaries are still one of the greatest expenses and needs of any pastor or theologian, so this will be our main emphasis.

Various other sites will be found which we believe are helpful in some topical fashion. So have a good study, and “Cut It Straight!” If our library can help facilitate your studies, then our objective will have been reached. May God bless you in your search to know Him, His Son and His Word in a clearer and more productive way.

The design of this page is to quickly locate authors on any given book in the Bible. Simply click on the book of the Bible you wish to study and you will find authors and their commentaries on that particular book. Please be aware that the quality and positions of the authors will differ greatly.

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